Hackintosh USB stick

  • Configured for your platform..
  • Ready to install.
  • My support with installation & post configuration.
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Customised SSD

  • Plug & Play.
  • Some Bios / UEFI changes to do by you.
  • My support with post configuration.
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Custom build

  • Properly selected components.
  • Already installed and fully configured macOS.
  • My support.
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Upgrades & Helpdesk

  • My help with hardware upgrades of your hackintosh.
  • Help desk with your current build.
  • Fast and reliable.
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Hackintosh.. think different

Why MyOSX.info?

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What a hackintosh is?

Hacking macOS into running in hardware which was not manufactured by Apple Company is called Hackintosh

Mac OS x is a great, fastest and safest operating system with any features and facilities but it runs on macintoshes, the real apple hardware, but apple macintosh are really cost a lot, not everyone could afford to buy it. But for the half of the price of Macintosh, you can make a Hackintosh system and you can upgrade it too in the near future. Hackintosh actually saves your money and its the cheapest solution for mac os x.

Our Benefits

  • Much cheaper than apple products.
  • Same or higher performance.
  • Options to upgrades.
  • Dual or triple boot with macOS, Windows, Linux.
  • Compatible with all macOS features.
  • Compatible with same audio / video devices like on real Macs.


Jaymes Poudrier

Great service. Huge round of applause for support. Goes the extra mile.

Jaymes Poudrier

Ivailo Gucci

Excellent service! Not cheap but highly recommended! Managed to turn my built PC into a hackintosh in a few days and gave me a massive amount of support the following days when I had issues. PC now runs very well I can use both OS X and Windows. Has made a tutorial specific to my system should I need to reinstall the whole system in the future! A+++

Ivailo Gucci

Wadum Madararcu

Thank you so much , Excellent service, highly recommend. Real live support with Pro experience. Config.: Gigabyte Z97-D3h + i7-4790K + GTX970 4GB + 32GB ddr3 !! / dual – boot OSX El Capitan + Windows 10. My Beast works smoothly and fast. You can not compare with Windows. BIG THANKS again. Very reliable, 5*

Wadum Madararcu

Asaf Sagiv

Highly recommend MyOsx!! Very reliable and responsive. Super professional.

Asaf Sagiv

You can build more powerful hackintosh than you think.

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