About me

MyOSX.info was conceived and developed by Adam Ignaczak @ AdamiPL in August 2015.

Adam found MyOSX.info to fill a void in the marketplace for a one method of building hackintoshes with compatible hardware, without using unnecessary tools.
Whats mean, unibeast / multibeast. Yes we can build proper hackintosh without this tools..

Constructed Hackintosh by MyOSX.info are 99% reflects the true MAC, why 99%?
Simple, some limitations – as reinstall the sound card every OS X upgrade..

MyOSX.info team has years of experience in the construction hackintoshes and install OS X on normal desktop computers.

By letting us create a Hackintosh, you get a guarantee of its operation and the lifetime! support.

How it used to say our customers .. cost of services is not cheap .. but you will receive massive amount of support and proper done hackintosh!