How to Verify & Repair Permissions in macOS

On latest version of of OS X verify & repair permissions has been removed from disk utility. But still we can use from How to Repair Verify Disk Permissions in OS X El Capitan open sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages –verify –standard-pkgs /Volumes/OS\ X/ /Volumes/OS\ X/ – this section you need to change – is it […]

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Magic Mouse and Hackintosh!

Yes we run Apple Magic Mouse under hackintosh, anyway is it very simple, only what you need is a compatible bluetooth. We got Wifi + Bluetooth from iMac (BCM94360CD) and adapter to PCIe Costs (on ebay): BCM94360CD – £13.80 Adapter – £15.79 I was waiting 10days for WIFI+BT card and 15 days for adapter, all […]

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