Build Custom hackintosh hackintosh UK Service

This offer is directed to people who’s living in United Kingdom, and who can pick up / deliver device to Peterborough. We can send / receive via courier for your responsibility or for additional cost we can deliver to you.

We can do it for you the perfect hackintosh compatible and at least problems during the upgrades, please contact with us using the form below.
We develop machines based on the original system + clover bootloader. We do not install distribution  like Yosemite zone, or tools unibeast / multibeast. We focus on originality. Every customer can rely on our support. Along with the hardware you get flash memory stick rescuing the system so later you can  re-install the system by yourself and do not think what to do next.

We build appliances based on compatible components from the OS X and Windows. When the computer starts, you will have the opportunity to choose which system you want to run.

We can also mount the original card with wifi + bluetooth from real iMac, so you can use the original Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse.
In addition, full support for the handoff and Continuity – if you have an ipad or iphone.

If you are interested in getting to know our offer, please contact now!

Due to the fact that probably all laptops are not 100% compatible with OSX we do only desktops on new brand parts, you will get them the invoices and the manufacturer’s warranty

Will give you an invoice for this service.

Please attach informations on right side contact form like:

  • Your total budget to built hackintosh,
  • What’s for will be used? (video editing / music etc),
  • Proposed CPU/GPU/RAM/CASE
  • Would you need monitor and how many inches,
  • Would you need WIFI and Bluetooth,
  • Would you need apple Magic Mouse and keyboard


If contact form doesn’t respond, please send your email to [email protected]