Hackintosh 1TB 2,5″ HDD customised for your hardware

£360.00 £355.00



This offer is addressed to people who would like to install OS X on your hardware, but have problems with its configuration.

To create a HDD we use only CLOVER + retail installation.

What’s this offer?

We are selling 1TB HDD 2,5″ 7200rpm  hard drives with pre-installed & configured OS X.
So what you need to do is put new HDD in to your computer and start. Plug & play.

Also you will receive instructions what change in UEFI / BIOS settings.

I will give you my online support during the installations.

Before ordering please send me your full PC / Laptop spec’s on private message, will let you know that we can do it!

If you have platform whith chipset H81(m) / H87 / Z87 / Z97 / X99 / Z170 eg: Asus Z87 Pro / Z97 Pro etc. You can order straight and then send to us your full spec.

Please keep mind that dispatch time will be a little bit longer due to order hdd and preparing installations and config.

We are not using multibeast / unibeast or any other tools for os x installation. We are doing it all with clover and vanilla installation process. You can also rely on us when you will be changing the pc components like GPU/motherboard / CPU that will be in minimum 99% compatible with os x