Post configuration, audio / gpu / power management / imessage

£70.00 £60.00


If you have already running hackintosh but it doesn’t work like you expected?


  • You can’t turn on sound card?
  • Your CPU have a big temperature?
  • You GPU doesn’t work properly? Some glitches / lags?

How it’s work?
I will connect with you remotely via TeamViewer and properly configure your hackintosh.
What’s included?

  • Safety check of your hackintosh.
  • Prepare correct SSDT for your CPU to get lower temperature and working power management.
  • Prepare correct DSDT to make it more vanilla and apply some fix (if required).
  • Installing audio card.
  • Get worked iMessage and FaceTime. 
  • Reconfigure clover settings for better stable work.

one important think, your hackintosh must be running on clover boot loader and have internet connection otherwise I will not be able to connect with you.