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USB Memory Stick. Clover Fully Configured. Ready to install

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This offer is addressed to people who would like to install OS X on your hardware, but have problems with its configuration. To create a memory stick we use only CLOVER + retail installation.
In addition, you’ll get instructions on how to run lan / graphics card and sound card!

We ship all over the world!

Before ordering, we need to know your hardware configuration!
As you know, or not. OS X Cannot be installed on all desktop PCs. Unfortunately if you are using AMD CPU, we cannot help you.

  • What we need to know before click on buy it!
  • Motherboard model
  • CPU model
  • Graphic card model
  • LAN model
  • AUDIO card model
  • Any additional devices

What after buying?
You will receive our support during the installation and post installation process.